Using stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry, we can determine the consistency of eggs (liquid egg and shell egg) with declared country of origin against our databases which cover all types of egg production method – conventional, free-range and organic. Currently we regularly test for consistency with UK and Northern Ireland.


With free-range being a significant risk area, we use a range of data types (stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry combined with trace element data) to determine consistency with our extensive reference dataset of free-range material and using our expert knowledge can help you piece together unusual test results.


A knowledge of animal nutrition and how it varies across the UK / Europe, coupled with large reference databases means that we can confirm consistency of organic production methods in eggs.

Batch match

If all your eggs should be from the same batch, we can tell you if they are consistent with the same source farm (irrespective of the shell egg printed ID). This can be a useful due diligence/ investigation resource to ensure no ‘bulking up’ or supplementation with inferior quality eggs is taking place on farms.

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