The origin of chicken and chicken containing products can be tested for consistency with origin and/or production method using our large datasets. We cover the various production methods – conventional, corn-fed, free-range and organic.

The production method used to rear chicken, free-range, organic or corn fed, can be tested for consistency with the stated production method. Using stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry coupled with additional supporting tests we are able to check test samples for consistency with stated claims.


Turkey and turkey products can be tested for consistency with claimed origin using our database. Should you require testing for non-conventional production methods for these species, we would work with you to build a suitable database of authentic samples against which we could test your products using a combination of available analytical methods.

Other Poultry:

We offer tests for other poultry species when requested (such as duck). If we do not have a test available for the species you are interested in, we are always happy to work alongside you to build a robust database using authentic reference samples against which we would test your products.

Want to test your poultry for consistency with a different origin? We can build the reference database with you so we can check your samples match the declared origin.


Using DNA technology, we can check that your food, food products, feed and environmental swabs contain the declared meat species and test to see if they give a positive test for species that shouldn’t be present.


Is your poultry fat what it says it should be? Work with us to get it tested for authenticity with the specified poultry species.


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